What Clients Are Saying 

"Aliksandra is a miracle-worker! In only two sessions she was able to help me feel in places that I hadn't been feeling for years, due to injury or past trauma. Her unique approach to healing through sound, mixed with the training she has in acupuncture, has really done wonders. I feel happier and more ready to heal my own system through the work she's done. She helps open doors for self-healing! I highly recommend booking a session with her."

A. / Artist / New York City, NY

"After feeling sick for months without any physical symptoms, I resorted to acupuncture. Aliksandra works on you differently since she combines all her knowledge and different kinds of therapy to treat you from the inside out. I felt improvement from the first session since it calmed my anxiety, I regained my appetite and the suicidal thoughts decreased, that’s why I keep doing it regularly."

C. / Artist / New York City, NY

"I had my first acupuncture session with Aliksandra and it was unlike any other healing I've ever experienced! I always thought that to heal yourself, you need to force yourself into a particular habit, exercise program, or diet. Acupuncture was the first time where I felt like my body was working itself out, just with me laying there!

Aliksandra took the time to understand my particular pain points and then adjusted the session based on what I told her. She combined sound therapy, with acupuncture, and used specific essential oils that made the entire experience holistic and immersive. It's a treat to be taken care of by Aliksandra and to be in the presence of someone with such a deep intuitive wisdom. A modern-day medicine woman with an ancient intuitive gift is the only way to describe her!"

B. / Programmer & Entrepreneur / New York City, NY