Imagine you were able to feel like your mind and body were always working for you, not against you.


Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation are a powerful ways to clear your mind and decompress your body.

Under Aliksandra’s expert guidance, explore the potent lineage of Kundalini yoga in an approachable and accessible way. In just one session you will be able to feel the full force of your capacity to create tangible transformation in your life. Kundalini yoga works with the natural flow of energy in your body to help you create an empowered sense of momentum and self trust.

Work Together

One on one Sessions offer us the ability to work TOGETHER to create daily practices fore more mental clarity, physical vitality, beauty, and emotional balance.

At your first session you can expect :

  • Comprehensive health history intake

  • Detailed discussion of your concerns and goals

  • Kundalini yoga practice

  • Sound relaxation

  • Meditation practice

  • Lifestyle recommendations and daily home practice