Learn strategies for maximizing your energy, understanding your gifts, and connecting with your inner authority.


Energy MAPPIng

energy map metal.jpg

Energy Mapping is a process based in the system of Human Design that helps you understand your inner authority so you can connect with what true yes and true no actually feel like in your body.

Each of us have a unique decision making process. By understanding our internal processes aka the mechanics of our energy, we are able to make decisions with more clarity, self trust, and certainty. Together we turn challenges into strengths, problems in processes, and perceived limitations into assets.

Your First Visit

Together we work to understand your optimal strategy and inner authority.

At your first session you can expect :

  • Comprehensive health history intake

  • Detailed discussion of your concerns and goals

  • Energy mapping reading

  • Sound relaxation

  • Additional Modalities at Aliksandra’s discretion

  • Lifestyle recommendations to help support your session